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Ascension Alchemy

Painting outside on the ground allows the sunlight energy and earth energy to merge onto the canvas. Laura McClanahan manifests abstract visionary paintings with an exchange of light, water, minerals and sacred geometry in the art exhibition, “Ascension Alchemy”. She approaches her art as a way of creating magic, bringing the unseen into the visible world. Initially, intuitive imagery emerges through her sound healing meditations and dreams. Then, the act of pouring paint begins as her constructs transform; layers of meandering paint rivers give rise to a natural harmony of fractal patterns while she engages the earth and cosmic elements.

Laura’s paintings are internationally exhibited with Ashok Jain Gallery, New York, NY featuring her exhibitions at Art New York and Art Stage Singapore. She has participated in other art fairs in New York, Miami and gave an artist talk and exhibition at Santa Fe Art Fair. Her collections are also represented through Drawing Room Gallery, Cos Cob. CT, Gemstone Gallery, Frenchtown, NJ., Saphira & Ventura Gallery in Brazil/France/USA and Crystal Matrix Art, Hawaii, HI.

Laura’s personal growth into becoming an abstract painter started after 2008 when she earned an MFA degree at Maryland Institute College of Art. The artist states, “I entered graduate school as a black and white photographer having subtracted out all unessential information in my world seeking the underlying truth. Unsatisfied with the limitations and duality of the 2D reality, I became obsessed with creating abstract color darkroom photograms with which I could paint with hues subtracted from white light and chemical reactions. This brought me into the world of color as my Clair-vision of the microscopic started to evolve. After exploring color fields and creating cellular new life forms from my own glass blown vessels under the enlarger light, I graduated with an urge to expand from the inner cellular world to the outer unseen realities using conscious water and crystals as mediums. It appeared to me that all emergence and ascension to higher dimensional existence could be initiated with the essential living ingredients of sunlight, water and minerals. My water thesis in projected flat video and photographic studies transformed into my current vibrant textural meanders, vortex spirals and circular bubbles permanently embedded on canvas.”

Solo Virtual Art Exhibition

by Laura McClanahan

June 1-30, 2020

Presented by Artd4

10 Grand Central 155 East 44th St · 6th Fl. #52 · New York, NY 10017 · USA

The artist uses a fossilizing modern day resin, the final pass of her hand, solidifies the crystals and metallic paints in an everlasting wet look. This consequently squeezes the gemstones to emit a piezoelectric field that interacts with the human energy field with a beneficial frequency. When experiencing her paintings, the viewer’s own frequency may be uplifted.  Sacred geometries underlie each painting adding an additional adaptogenic balance. The artist pronounces her conscious intentions into the artwork: to activate spiritual growth, to bring about a sense of belonging, and to catalyze human cosmic conscious.

 “Ascension Alchemy” is Laura McClanahan’s abstract visionary art exhibition inspiring a deeper connection to personal growth and helping humanity comfortably ascend into a higher reality.

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