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Grape Agate was the featured new crystal at the Gem Show. This beautiful purple orb emanates an energy needed right now on the planet. Small sparkling orbs receive your intentions and help manifest your reality. Sea Jasper and agate stars patterns create a six sided snowflake or crystallized water shape. This Flower of Life pattern provides a portal to meditate by to bring one healing and comfort and connection to their star family. The resin squeezes the quartz in these minerals creating organite on the painting. I have written this channeled poem for the use of Sea Jasper.

GrapeAgate Stargate

SKU: KL-Grape-36x48
$5,900.00 Regular Price
$2,950.00Sale Price
    • Size (h w d): 36 x 48 x 2 in
    • Medium: Acrylic, resin, Sea Jasper, Agate, Grape Agate and quartz on canvas
    • Subject Matter: star, stargate, spiritual, crystal, crystal grid, gateway, energy, healing
    • Type: Painting
    • Price $5,900.00
    • Creation Date: April 2018
    • Collections: Sonic Crystallographics
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