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Grape Agate was the featured new crystal at the Gem Show. This beautiful purple orb emanates an energy needed right now on the planet. Small sparkling orbs receive your intentions and help manifest your reality. Sea Jasper and agate stars patterns create a six sided snowflake or crystallized water shape. This Flower of Life pattern provides a portal to meditate by to bring one healing and comfort and connection to their star family. The resin squeezes the quartz in these minerals creating organite on the painting. I have written this channeled poem for the use of Sea Jasper.
SEA JASPER (Sacral Chakra)
Jasper of the Sea, bend down on your knee to see me.
Deep interior, get closer, get closer, see the sea within me.
Swirling patterns of orbicular grace, each little orb in the perfect place
Like you are here and now, your creation upon this plane is profound
Deep in the waters we flow by, take a ride and dip into the wave, be brave,
With courage you seek to complete the next task. May I remind you of your fantastic Everlast. Your infinite creation, your ability to transform your Nation -Your consciousness seed that does what it please.
Act now, act fast, make the moment last, loose time and be mine,
Get lost in your production, construction.
Flow on through to the other side and take a ride with me to the sea.
Orbicular creation, black holes, each orb with potential of an egg, a seed, a sprout, a start of something new for you, manifestation engine machine, battery power for this hour. One-second pulsation, for creation-
Quartz crystal matrix deep inside, makes everything ride like the tide.
Rev me up and set me to work, lets create a spark,
Place me on your navel to connect into what you need-
Hold me tight throughout the night and see your dreams come true.
Synchronicity increases and magic beholds you.

GrapeAgate Stargate

$5,900.00 Regular Price
$4,425.00Sale Price
    • Size (h w d): 36 x 48 x 2 in
    • Medium: Acrylic, resin, Sea Jasper, Agate, Grape Agate and quartz on canvas
    • Subject Matter: star, stargate, spiritual, crystal, crystal grid, gateway, energy, healing
    • Type: Painting
    • Price $5,900.00
    • Creation Date: April 2018
    • Collections: Sonic Crystallographics
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