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20"Quatrain is four stanzas of poetry. Obliquity, orbit, obliquity of eclipse equinox, archeo-astronomy. Intuitive poems flow through me to the paper in what may be called automatic writing. Paired with my research into the science of crystals, the mystical information about them, comes to me in words I hear from an inner voice. I can then write down the words that come through in “stanzas” of poems. My own unique format- flows freely without the constraint of having learned how to write a poem “correctly”. The center three crystals are Chestnut Jasper. "Inner Earth, the honeycomb caverns of volcanic birth. Feel the fire beneath your feet, heartbeat, heartbeat, heartbeat of the Earth. The lava flows and swirls around, under the deepest part of the ground. -Eruption, destruction, construction of something new, to clarify you. Seek not to embrace this case- but take it to the ground– let it go into the abyss, the inner island of all that you miss. Letting go stone to leave it alone, too hot to touch, the waves of primal energies flow away from the surface to free you of your enslave.

Quatrain Obliquities

SKU: KL-Quatrain-20x20
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  • 20"x20"x1.5"

    Acrylic, jasper, Brazilian quartz cabachon, laser quartz and resin on canvas

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